A Child Support Lawyer Can Help You Resolve Your Child Support Issues

Child Support lawyerIf you’re going through a divorce, child support is one of the most complex issues that can arise. A child support lawyer in Phoenix Arizona can help you resolve the matter in a timely and effective manner.

Child support lawyers are highly skilled in negotiating with the Child Support Agency and representing their clients before family court judges and other officials. They are familiar with all aspects of the child support system in Arizona and can present a case that is beneficial to their client’s best interests. Visit https://www.phoenixfamilylawyers.net/child-support/ for more details and free consultation.

The basic order for child support is that a paying parent must pay a specific percentage of their income to the custodial parent. The percentages are based on the income of the paying parent and how many children they have to support.

Some child support orders are for a specific amount of money per month, and others are for a larger sum of money. A support order may include a range of expenses that are added to the basic payment, including health care, private school tuition, child care, and transportation costs.

A child support lawyer can also assist you in enforcing or modifying your existing order. They can advise you of how to change the terms of your child support agreement and what forms to fill out to request a modification.

They can also represent you at a hearing if you are filing for a modification and can provide you with a list of documents to bring with you to the hearing. They can also help you prepare for the hearing and ensure that all of your documentation is complete and accurate.

The court may award a modification to the support obligation if there has been a substantial change in circumstances, such as a job loss, pregnancy, or disability. Changing your child support order is not easy, but a good child support lawyer can guide you through the process and help you prove that your circumstances have changed.

In addition, if you are the parent who has not paid support for a long time, you may need to seek a modification to your order. This can be done by submitting a petition to the court. Our good attorney in Phoenix can help you with this step of the process, and they can answer any questions you might have about it.

What is the difference between retroactive and late child support?

The difference between retroactive and late child support is that in a retroactive case, the order will be for a previous date. In a late child support case, the order will be for a later date, and you will need to make payments in accordance with the new order.

Does Marital Misconduct Affect Child Support?

When a couple is divorcing, the judge will often consider whether there has been marital misconduct by either or both parties. If the parents have a history of domestic violence, this can affect the amount of child support that will be awarded.

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