Our team

Hi Everyone!

Welcome on our blog :)

We are very happy that you found us!

What you should have to know from us?

– we are a group of university students in Italy

– our team has 10 members

– girls and boys, between 22-27 years

– we are friends :)

– we like to do everything with each other

– we are funny, all of us have a great sense of humour

The reason why we created this blog because it is a kinda team builder for us and we also would like to improve our English language skills. The girls can post things for ladies and the boys can write about men related topics :)

If you would like to know us better please visit the Members tab where you will find personal information about our team members.

All in all we hope that you will enjoy our posts!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any kind of advice or suggestion – even if it is about language mistakes – so we can learn from it :) Or if you would like to know anything about Italy!

Thank you all!
Us :)